Extra Curricular

Student Leadership

Student Leadership positions at KEPS provide students with leadership opportunities and responsibilities in an effort to improve student engagement, student voice and connectedness to the school community.

At Kew East Primary School, opportunities provided for students to apply for leadership positions include:

Lunchtime clubs

KEPS has a number of lunchtime clubs on offer at different times throughout the year, suitable for students to visit who may wish to spend time away from the yard at lunchtime, to engage in other activities. Clubs change from year to year based on student feedback, but some that we have had in the past include:

Where possible, clubs are run by student leaders, but they are always supervised by teachers.


A number of sporting events are on offer for different year levels and individuals following successful tryouts, including:

Band Program

Please see our Band Program Page about our unique and celebrated concert and social music bands available for interested students.