KEPS has a well-established camps program offered from Years 2 to 6.

Year 2

Our Year 2 camp involves a one night sleepover at school, and helps our students to prepare in readiness for longer camps during Years 3-6.

Year 3/4

Odd Years: Camp Rumbug
Even Years: Waratah Beach Camp

Year 5/6

Odd Years: Coonawarra Resort
Even Years: Canberra Tour

Our Years 3-6 camps run on a 2 year alternating cycle, offering an adventure based camp one year and a more ‘educational type’ camp the next year. Our camps are thoroughly enjoyed by the students and one of the highlights of each year.

Camps in Years 3-6 run for 3 days, except for the Canberra Tour, which is a 5 day camp.